Friday, April 13, 2007

Dig! Dig!

Notice how fascinated Indians are at digging? They dig all the time. I think it is our favorite pastime. May be, we should make digging our national sport. And then may be we should introduce it into Olympic Games. But then soon some Ireland or Bermuda would embrace this game soon enough and kick us out in the qualifying round itself.

And when they have to dig on the sides of a road, they dig on both sides at the same time. How smart it is? Digging one side itself seems to reduce the size of the road causing lot of discomfort to the driver. Instead of digging one side first, filling it and then attacking the other side, they start digging on both sides at the same time! Now, the road is reduced to less than half. The traffic is congested and everyone is blaring horn at peak volume. Who thinks of such strategies, where are they? Which idiot thinks of these things?

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Anjali Bhardwaj said...

You missed out the golden rule of digging.

"Whenever a new road is laid out, the digging has to start in no less than a week on that road."