Friday, April 13, 2007

Honk! Honk!

Don’t we already have too much honking on our streets? When you stop at a red light some idiot behind keeps honking, sometimes incessantly, and you wonder what’s happening. ‘Its Red light, Goddammit!” Sometimes after a long wait at a red light which his monitored by some stupid algorithm, these drivers lose their patients and they start honking their blaring horn, hoping that the red light would listen to this honk and change its mind.

And when it turns green, there are few idiots who start honking right away. Look, everyone is keen on moving fast. We are actually eager to move fast, so why this honking to prompt?


Anand said...

Good one Sujai! Whats going on these days? No new blogs from you on this theme? Got used to it by now?? :)

lavixu said...

I completely agree.